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Unable to connect to ODBC - My SQL

Question asked by JimPalmer on Mar 7, 2015
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Unable to connect to ODBC - My SQL


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OSX 10.10.2

Description of the issue

Unable to connect to a MySQL database using ODBC

Steps to reproduce the problem

I have MySQL Workbench and MySQL Connector (mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.4-osx10.7-x86-32bit.dmg) installed.

I also have ODBC Manager installed.

I have created a database on MySQL.

The MySQL server is started and I am able to connect to the database using both MySQL Workbench as well as Toad for MySQL.

I can see the System DSN and Drivers in the ODBC Manager.

I am attempting to connect to my database from FileMaker Pro and have followed the instructions from the following page -

but am not able to connect my FMP application to the database.

In FMP, I select:

     File > Manage > External Data Sources

     The Manage External Data Sources window is displayed with nothing appearing in the list,

     I click on the "New..." button.

     The Edit Data Source window appears, again, nothing appearing in the list.

     I enter a value in the "Name:" field and select the ODBC radio button and then click on the "Specify..." button, which displays the Select ODBC Data Source window, with nothing appearing in the list.