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    Unable to create different sized layouts



      Unable to create different sized layouts


      FileMaker Pro


      FMP v11

      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      This is my second time creating this database, since the first one crashed and was critically damaged and unable to be recovered.

      In both, I created a separate layout in order to show just an image of the barcode associated with a record. As part of a script, the Form View layout changes to the Barcode layout, the barcode is printed on a barcode printer, then the layout goes back to the original Form View. The first time I created the database there were no issues. However, now the preview size for the Barcode layout (very small) is also carried over to all of the other layouts. Form View is now an inch by less than three.

      If I make the Barcode layout size the size of the Form View should be, the barcode will not print properly. This did not happen when the database was first created.

      What am I doing wrong and how can I correct this?

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          Report an Issue is intended for reporting issues (possible bugs) that may require FileMaker inc. to correct in a future update or version release. Posts like yours are better served when posted to the FileMaker Pro forum (See tab above).

          Feel free to keep replying to this thread in order to get the help you need, but please keep that fact in mind for any future questions you might have.

          By "Preview Size" do you mean the size of the page?

          This is controlled by the current settings in Print Setup...

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            I apologize. A link to post on the forum didn't appear on my screen.

            To answer your question: Yes. I need the page size for the Form View to be a full sized page, and the page size in Barcode layout to be the size of the barcode. Otherwise it fills the page in Barcode layout with barcodes for the record being browsed, as well as numerous other barcodes in the database.

            I did not have this problem the first time I created the database. It worked perfectly.

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              And to clarify further, when I change the Print Setup, it changes the setup for all of the layouts simultaneously. I cannot modify one without modifying them all for some reason.

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                Yes, you would change the setting for the current layout just before you print or preview the layout.

                There's another option, when you print a bar code, you can use the "Current Record" option in the print dialog to print only the current record. That should limit your print out to just a single barcode record. To see this in preview, you'd manipulate your found set to get a found set of just the current record.

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                  Thank you so much for your help, PhilModJunk.

                  I didn't get a chance to try the solution you suggested, but when I opened the database this morning, the script worked as it should. I don't get why it wasn't working on Tuesday.Which frightens me.

                  My largest concern is that the database I was building was lost when FMP stopped responding and then closed itself. Upon opening the program again, and then trying to open the database, I received an error that the program was not closed properly and crashed. It suggested I restore the database, which then gave me an additional error message that it could not be restored because of critical errors. Our online backup system had a "technical glitch" and hadn't been backing up this computer in particular for weeks (of course!) so I had to start completely over again.

                  I, as well as my boss, am really concerned that this could happen again since the crash was unprovoked and without warning the first time. Now we have the backup system online again, and I've been systematically backing up at the end of my workdays. Any ideas as to what may have happened or what I can do to prevent it?

                  I've checked the forum, and I don't see a ton of people with a similar issue.

                  What are your thoughts, since it appears you know most about FMP? It would ease my mind to know whether or not I'm creating this issue.


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                    Crashes can be a real mystery as they can be due to causes you can neither observe nor reproduce. Frequent backups are your best defence--for any computer file--not just FileMaker.