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Unable to enter a field (win

Question asked by fxdb on May 20, 2010
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Unable to enter a field (win & mac) hard to reproduce

Description of the issue

This one is difficult to reproduce, however I have observed the behaviour a number of times in Filemaker 11 Advanced on both Windows 7 and mac osx.. Every now and then (not very often though) I am unable to enter / focus in a field, the occassion which happened tonight was a global field, set to allow entry etc..  so thats not the issue. Every other element on the layout works as expected, i.e I can scroll a portal or click a scripted button.If I resize the window, or call a script (via a button) the fields functionality returns to normal, after which, I can no longer reproduce it.It may well be linked to a bug posted previously, where the resize handles in layout mode where offset from the object ????On that note, If / When it happens again, I will test to see if I can enter into the field by clicking in various other/offset positions. Is anybody else experiencing this ?