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Unable to import a time field from a CSV file

Question asked by user232 on Apr 8, 2009
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Unable to import a time field from a CSV file

Description of the issue

In FMP Advanced 6.0v4 I was able to import a time directly from a CSV file without needing a workaround. In both FMP Advanced 9.0v3 and 10.0v1 I'm unable to import a time from a CSV file. The text stream in a record looks like"$ 0.00",08:36:00,"03/20/07","Fixing PO printing","Billed on IN307" and all of the fields import correctly except the time  (08:36:00)  which imports as a null in the FileMaker record. I've tried enclosing the time field in double quotes but get the same result. As a workaround I can open the CSV file using either version of FMP Advanced, save it as a FileMaker .fp7 file and then import those .fp7 records and all the fields will import correctly. Has anyone else noticed this?