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Unable to install FileMaker Server 13.0v3 update

Question asked by disabled_MikeMcIntosh on Sep 19, 2014
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Unable to install FileMaker Server 13.0v3 update


FileMaker Server


13.0v2 x64

Operating system version

Windows Server 2012 r2 Standard

Description of the issue

FileMaker Server has installed properly and works. However, when I try to install the update, the files unpack and create the FileMaker Server 13.0v3 Updater folder. However, when I attempt to run Setup.exe, I get an error, the screen capture for which is uploaded with this report. I am following all of the instructions regarding stopping services, etc. I am pasting them here as a reference:

Before running the updater

    Disconnect all clients and close all files.

    In FileMaker Server Admin Console, stop Web Publishing and the Database Server.

    Quit FileMaker Server Admin Console and the Start Page, if they are running.

    In the Windows Services Console, select Services (Local).
    Select the FileMaker Server service, then choose Action menu > Stop.
    Quit web browsers before applying the update.

Install the new software

    See FileMaker Server 13 Getting Started Guide, chapter 6, “Upgrading or moving an existing installation,” for detailed instructions on upgrading FileMaker Server.

    Double-click Setup.exe. (Note: Do not run FileMakerServer13v3Update.msp.)

    Read the license agreement. If you agree to the terms, click Update and proceed as directed.

    After the update has completed, you will see a message confirming the successful update to the new version. Click Finish to quit the updater.

    Restart the machine.

    Verify the version has been updated:

        Open the FileMaker Server 13 Admin Console Start Page.

        Under Software Update, the Current Installed Version should now start with 13.0.3.

Except, that what really happens is that I get a Window captioned "Windows Installer" with a list of switches for running that software.