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Unable to install on OS 10.8.1

Question asked by ThomasBarrett on Aug 24, 2012


Unable to install on OS 10.8.1


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 12.1

Operating system version

OS 10.8.1 (as of this morning)

Description of the issue

I am using .cdr image to install FM 12.1 Pro Advanced to a retina display Mac Book Pro. The installer quits after the dialog box notes it will quit and then reopen but it does not reopen. I get a message that the installer quit unexpectedly and then the navigation screen appears. If I double click on the installer in the navigation box, the same process begins (and loops again).

Steps to reproduce the problem

Run installer

Expected result


Actual result

Installer quits after noting it has to quit and then will reopen, but navigation window reopens instead. If I double click on install icon, the process begins again with the same result.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No text, just navigation window.

Configuration information

Just updated to OS 10.8.1.