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Unable to load Databases into clean FMSA12 install

Question asked by jlisburn on Jan 22, 2013
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Unable to load Databases into clean FMSA12 install


FileMaker Server


12 - Advanced

Operating system version

Mac OSX 10.7.5

Description of the issue

Every time I try to upload a DB using Admin console, it failed with a dialog: Could not create folder, even if it was a subfolder that the Admin Console itself created. None of my DBs will work, not even a vanilla one I created with a single field in a single table.
fmserver and FMSadmin users both have Read & Write privs to the folder and everywhere on the path to it.
I've tried reinstalling FM Server, repairing Privs. As per this post ( my drive is not read only. I'm also not able to validate any external folders.
Have posted to FMDev:

Steps to reproduce the problem

Try and upload a DB into FM Server via the Admin console

Expected result

Database uploaded

Actual result

Upload failure

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Admin Console - Upload Database Assistant
Could not create folder:
/Volumes/Server HD/Library/Filemaker Server/Data/Databases/

Configuration information

Vanilla server, vanilla install (and re-install) of FMS. Machine only has FM12 ProAdv installed on it.


NONE, can't validate external folders option