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Unable to make Find/Replace in FileMaker Pro Advanced 13

Question asked by StephenAllen on Feb 14, 2014
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Unable to make Find/Replace in FileMaker Pro Advanced 13


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OSX10.9.1 Mavericks

Description of the issue

Unable to make a find and replace request on a simple text field.   This is in a database which was previously working fine in FileMaker Pro Advanced V12.0 and now running on V13.0

For example.  In a database with a newly created simple text Text which by default is empty, if I select the newly created field, then select Find/Replace and enter '=' in the Find box (to find an empty field), and then put a character 'X' in the Replace box, select "All Records" and "Current Field" and then hit "Replace All", it goes through entire database and comes back to state no records found, no records replaced.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I created a new test database with a single text field.  Created 10 blank records.  Went to first record in database.  Ran same Find/Replace request and tried every single combination of requests and in every direction (forward/back/all).  Still does not work.

Expected result

Replace blank field with 'X'

Actual result

Did not find any blank fields and did not replace with character 'X'.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Finished Searching
Number of occurrences found: 0
Number of occurrences replaced: 0
Number of records searched: 10
Number of fields searched: 1

Configuration information

This is a newly installed FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.0 installed (no update). 
It is on a standalone MacBook Pro
The databases are on the same machine


None.  I am 10+ year expert in FileMaker.  This is first time I have seen this issue.