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Unable to refresh a portal without a commit

Question asked by Fred(CH) on Apr 28, 2015
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Unable to refresh a portal without a commit


FileMaker Pro


13.0v5 (and probably all priors)

Description of the issue

When you have a relationship where key on both side can change (and even if both have local storage), auto creation enabled portal-side, the portal will not always show you the NEW ADDED records until you commit the record; And the most important to me : the refresh actions are useless in this case, and lead you to break the transaction model.

Moreover, what seem inconsistent to me is the fact that MODIFIED records are always displaying up-to-date values without need to perform any refresh action...

Steps to reproduce the problem

Download the attached test file and follow instructions on it.

Expected result

At least the the refresh window step (all boxes checked) should allow you to see the new added records without a commit record step.

Actual result

Actually, you must first commit, in order to see newly created related records.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



See above.