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Unable to retrieve a repetition based on number in window name

Question asked by Extensitech on Aug 12, 2015
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Unable to retrieve a repetition based on number in window name


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7, Mac

Description of the issue

In past versions, we use a number in the window name to fetch a repetition from a global. We use this, for instance, to update and retrieve help text that can follow a user through a process in one window, while not affecting the help text following another process in another window.

It appears that there's some sort of behavior change between 13 and 14.

In version 13 (and prior) we can define a global with repetitions, and then define a calculation that is equal to a particular repetition of that global, using a number in the window name to determine which repetition to use.

In version 14, we can get the number from the appropriate window name, but cannot use it as the repetition parameter in the calculation. No error message is given, but the calculation retrieves either no value or the wrong repetition, unless we go into layout mode and then back into browse (impractical).

As a larger principle, we use this to associate things with a particular window instance, as opposed to the layout or table, since the user could be viewing the same or different layouts in various windows, and the deciding factor isn't the layout or table. Using field definitions or variables without a window number will not allow us to show a different message and/or image in different windows showing the same layout (and possibly, the same record).

This may, admittedly, seem arcane, but the method has been very useful in our development and allowed us to have a cohesive, intuitive and helpful interface in a multi-window environment. We're desperately hoping that this is, as it appears, an oversight and not a permanent change.

Steps to reproduce the problem

See example files posted here:

We're using separation (the results are similar, though not identical, in a single file).

Create a data file.
In the data file, create a globals table with a repeating "global" field.
In the data file, create an "entries" table with a field calculated to be the globals::global [ get ( windowname ) ] (unstored)

Create and interface file.
In the interface file, add both data tables to the RG
Create a layout for the global field with multiple repetitions, and add values to the first few repetitions.
Create a layout for the "entries" table, displaying the calculated field.
Rename the window "1"
Open a new window, and name that window "2"

Expected result

Should see repetition 1 of the global in window 1, and repetition 2 of the global in window 2.

Actual result

When the window name changes, we get no value in the calculation, or an incorrect/inconsistent value.

Note that if you define a calculation field for get (windowname) (unstored), you'll get the right number in each window.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

See example files posted here:


While we can (probably?) find other ways to accomplish each individual use of this method, we're unaware of another way to associate information with a window, rather than a table or layout. We may be able to work around this in some ways, but ultimately the we'll be unable to continue offering an interface that allows the user to operate in multiple windows, but still offers a robust and cohesive experience.