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unable to save Container data path

Question asked by ChrisLindsay_1 on Dec 20, 2014
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unable to save Container data path


FileMaker Server


Operating system version

Windows Server 2012

Description of the issue

I am unable to save with anything typed into the Container data path box. There is a little red dot to the right of the text box.

This is the exact path I am trying to enter:

The folder exists. There is nothing in the folder. I currently have no hosted databases trying to use external container fields. ContainerData has the same permissions as my additional database folder that is on the same drive.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I am running the Admin console directly on the server.

Click the Enable container data folder 1 checbox.

Type filewin:/F:/ContainerData/ into the text box.

The little red dot is there.

Click the Validate button. Nothing happens.

Click the Save button. Nothing happens.

I get an error message that I have unsaved changes if I try to navigate to anywhere else in the admin console.

Configuration information

Windows Server 2012

FileMaker Server 13 is installed to the C drive.

All of our data and databases are stored on a secondary drive F.

Database folder 1 is enabled. It's path is filewin:/F:/FMSDatabases/

The backup folder is filewin:/F:/FMSBackups/