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UNABLE TO SEND MAIL: Windows 7 / Outlook 2010 / FM 9, 10, 11

Question asked by MikeVargas on Mar 19, 2011


UNABLE TO SEND MAIL: Windows 7 / Outlook 2010 / FM 9, 10, 11


FileMaker Pro


9 Advanced, 9 Pro, 10 Pro, 11 Pro v3

Operating system version

Windows 7 Enterprise

Description of the issue

Please help!

Our work is deploying Windows 7 Enterprise which comes with Outlook 2010. I'm a test terminal and we have FileMaker Pro 9 (we have absolutely no budget to upgrade, unfortunately).

My prior configuration was Windows XP with Outlook 2007 and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced which created emails perfectly via script with no problems.

With Win 7 and Outlook 2010 the script cycles through, but no dialog and no new email message comes up (and nothing gets sent out since we have to click the 'send' button in the outlook email message).

Going to the File menu and sending an email that way (no script step), I'm able to do it...however a dialog box from Outlook comes up each time asking to 'allow' it (this was just for testing, we need to script automate our emails).

My IT guy tried trust center, etc, but can't seem to find a solution. Has anyone else encountered this issue? We will be deploying to Win 7 this year, which means if this is not fixed nobody in my unit can send emails via filemaker and it will be a huge operational snafu.

Thank you in advance!!

ALSO: I tried this at home with FM Pro 9 and Windows 7 Ultimate with Outlook 2010 and I encountered the exact same issue. So I'm assuming it has something to do with Win 7 and/or Outlook 2010...however this is so odd since all Filemaker is doing is asking for a new email message to be created in Outlook.

UPDATE:  Tried FMP 11 version 3 and same issue, although it states "Unknown Error: -1".  This appears to be an across the board issue with FileMaker (all versions) and Outlook 2010/Windows 7.  Patch for all supported versions please?!

Steps to reproduce the problem

Script step for 'send mail'

Expected result

Creates a new email message using Microsoft Outlook

Actual result

Nothing.  The script does everything except create a new email message with the specified information.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

It produces no error message using the script step for send mail.

Configuration information

Windows 7 Enterprise, Microsoft Outlook 2010.


If you try a manual 'send mail' from the 'file' menu, an outlook security message does occur stating a program is trying to access it...which means that FM 'can' communicate it appears with Outlook, but not when doing a script step for send mail.  However we need the scripted 'send mail' due to what we do operationally.