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Underline appears in Preview of text field but not in Print

Question asked by DavidWerling on Jan 24, 2013


Underline appears in Preview of text field but not in Print


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OSX 10.8.2

Description of the issue

The first page Preview mode showed a text field correctly underlined as intended across all records.  But the same field when printed or viewed in my Mac's Pdf print Preview mode was underlined in some records and not on others.  On my Canon i9900 printout the text field was also randomly bolded and not.  In the appearance inspector tool for font I had clicked on both the Bold and Underline buttons.  Style was set to plain for the field.  I repeatedly changed and saved these edit settings even exiting and reopening Filemaker Pro

Steps to reproduce the problem

Went into edit layout, clicked on a text field.

Opened inspector>appearance tab.

Toggled the Underline and Bold buttons on.   Saved edits and exited layout.

Clicked on preview button for first page preview.  Text field was consistently underlined.

Printed both to Canon printer and using a Mac to open PDF print view in OS's Preview.  Underline in field randomly was turned on and off depending on record. Same with Boldface.

Adjusted vertical dimension of text field to make sure underline was not hidden.  Did not re-appear.

Expected result

That any text format that is set by a individual record's format is overridden by using the appearance styles in the inspector.  [I had noticed last year that text color could be set by individual records in the entry mode using the button menu in the header line]  But the seeming randomness of this and unlikely fact that our data entry person would have bothered to individually underline some records--this layout form is not a data entry window she uses at all-- and not others makes this highly unlikely.  It appears a bug.

Actual result

Random underlines of text field across individual records when set to underline in Appearance tool.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Should have tried this first because the bug is stored in the layout - logical.   Open edit. Delete the field and and drop the same field again in place with the layout button tool.  Set Boldface and underline in Inspector tool for plain text.  Save edit and it now looks fine in Mac's PDF print preview and I assume printing.