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    Unexpected changes in graphic styles FM 12 -> FM 13



      Unexpected changes in graphic styles FM 12 -> FM 13


      FileMaker Pro



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      Description of the issue

      The behaviour of graphics changed with the release of FileMaker 13. Until Version 12.0.5 every graphic could be set up for different styles depending on the status of the mouse. This option got lost in transition.

      Why did I use it: my GUI depended heavily on the use of PDFs with transparent background, mouse-over, mouse-down, borders etc. formated via inspector as seen on the screenshot. It is rather annoying to see all this disappear from the featureset as one can't accomplish this with the button tool in FM. FM-buttons can't load PDF as backround graphics and I suppose they wouldn't be rendered via any vector-engine.

      I don't know wether this has to be classified as a glitch or as a bug or whatsoever. But I want it back.

      Holger Herbst

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      go to layout mode
      go to insert - picture
      take any transparent PDF vector-graphic and place on the layout
      assign any style, especially for mouse-over, mouse-down

      Expected result

      assign style-changes via inspector for different states depending on mouse-usage

      Actual result

      design/style can't be changed but PDFs inserted in FM 12 still wort as expected

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      no error message

      Configuration information



      separate button (with expected behaviour) and graphic into two objects