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Unexplained beeps when running scripts in succession

Question asked by Matt Navarre on Jan 12, 2009
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Unexplained beeps when running scripts in succession

Description of the issue

If I have a script, such as one that sorts records, and I click a button to run this script, if I click the button again quickly (within 1 second or so) the script fails to run, and comptuer will beep. It's as though the script finishes running, but doesn't 'clean up' or something so there's an error. A common example would be a button that sorts by either ascending or descending, and alternates each time you click it. If I click several times a second, it fails very frequently (but not all the time) If I wait 2 seconds, it never fails. This did not happen in the ETS version to my knowledge, but I can reproduce it on several Macs. I just noticed that if the Data Viewer is open, it has a HUGE effect on this issue. It almost never happens unless Data Viewer is open.