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    unnecessary Dialogbox when performing find

    Benjamin Fehr


      unnecessary Dialogbox when performing find


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      when performing a find, a dialogbox pops up with a message like "12 records found". In list view, this is absolutely useless because you have yours found-set listed up anyway

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      perform a file in any List-view layout.

      Expected result

      FileMaker Inc. starting to:
      - resolve bugs in FM12, 'specially those reported > 1 Year ago
      - listen to the customers
      - setting priorities for 1. Reliability - 2. Performance- 3. Performance
      - checking product in depth before launch to avoid bugs

      Actual result

      lot of promises, no results




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               Hi Benjamin,

               I cannot explain this behavior but there is a workaround : with Pro Advanced version and its custom menus, configure the Perform find command (in Request menu) and map it to a simple script you made that begins with Set Error Capture [ON] before the Perform Find step.

               Be sure that the custom menu command still have the existing command defined. And to avoid a lot of work, i suggest also to define this custom menu by default.

               Yop wink

               Bye, Fred

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            Benjamin Fehr

                 Hi Fred

                 Thanks for the tip, but I'm not gonna touch that custom menu thing for iOS again after that hassle I had when switching to FM12.

                 I tried to perform search with a script starting with "Set Error Capture [ON]" at the beginning. No luck.

                 Nice idea anyway. Have yours mojo at hand and don't rock the table :-)

                 (I have to launch a major-update by monday, incl. a well tested 'convert FM11-to-FM12 / Import records from several files to one / recalculate" Script)

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                   If i understand correctly, you was not able to confirm my workaround ? Before posting my idea, i tested it and it worked. Sure, it maybe needs more steps to refine it, like to use additional functions as Get ( CountFound ) and Get ( LayoutViewState ) to provide the appropriate dialog to the end-user. For safer result why don't use Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ? Anyways, i did this test for you and will send you my test file.

                   Sure too, i understand perfectly your prudence about your major update for monday and i think you have right... yes But it will maybe help you later or help other member that will browsing your post in future... I hope.



                        Have yours mojo at hand and don't rock the table :-)

                   Sorry but my english is very poor and i didn't understand what you told me.blush

                   Please let me know...

                   Bye, Fred


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                Markus Schneider

                     The whole search in FM Go is strange.. first, the option after pressing find (new find or existing found set) and then the dialog described above... completely different than with FileMaker Pro. I don't like it (the same as with this forum.. today incredible sloooooow... Hey, FileMaker, this issue is celebrating its anniversary...)



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                  Benjamin Fehr

                       I personally adressed some FM Go issues to H.W. at FMK 2011-Hamburg …

                       The slow performance of FM Forum has been adressed to J.S. at FMK 2013-Salzburg. He promised to improve …

                       promises, promises, …

                       I should build a keyboard shortcut for my most used text-snippet:

                       "Bug reported more than 1 Year ago. Still not resolved!"

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                         Hey guys...

                         You often seem angry and i understand a bit. But... you, better than me, know perfectly that FMI is in an important step. You know well because you have more longer experience than me (I'm only 5 years on it).

                         I don't like the bugs. I hate them. But i try to keep these in mind :  

                         • FileMaker is a "little miracle" in the database world since about 25 years.
                         • v12 family bring some incredible improvments.
                         • FileMaker Go is unique. None other product provide an alternative to Apple dev environment. And moreover, YOUR skill is fully supported on it.

                         So, OK, there are many challenge for FMI at this time and they have a lot of work. We can see it. But i am shure they are doing their best. We, YOU, more than the beginners, must help and support them... please.

                         Bye, Fred

                         Think positive cool

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                      Markus Schneider

                           You're right - I'm happy that FM Go works not the same than the desktop version, keeps me young! And I'm happy to klick-away some unexpected dialogs, and I do no longer care that sometimes I can't create paragraphs here in this forum on an iPad and the slowness is kind of therapy   (-:

                           (btw. the forum performance is pretty good today, seems that somebody restarted the systems..)

                           edit: Paragraphs are working again! Thanks!

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                             yeah good attitude man cool

                             i am now writing on iPad now and have CR. But i encountered the same problem than you (in both desktop and ios devices) and found à workaround : i must start from my account AND then go to FileMaker forum tab, then chose englush forum AND then it is ok until the end of my session.

                             But i admit it not easy to use iPad here. I took about 5 min. To write this comment (with french predictictive entering ON)

                        smiley I need à break

                             bye, Fred

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                          Markus Schneider


                               one of the problems with bug-reporting (for me) is, that there is almost no official native support (german) and it's often really difficult to describe a problem in a way that makes it reproducable. Often, language problems are making this even more difficult.

                               It's also complicated that there is only little feedback from official side (I have to admit that I can understand this behavior on one hand) - I'm never sure if a bug, a question was getting in the way I meant. And one never knows anything about the status of a 'known bug' - it is sometimes (for me) during forever until something is fixed (ie a bug in FM Go 11 (custom dialogs) took about 8 weeks to be fixed and we've had some databases out in the fields with no chance to apply workarounds to the scripts). The longer it goes, the more nervous one gets...


                               I can give You an example of another approach of support:

                               A year or so ago, a new version of OmniFocus for the iPad became available (we use this app' all the time in our office) and I downloaded the new version at 6.30 in the morning. After 7.00, on the way to a customer in a train, I realized that OmniFocus had a strange bug. I sent an email to the Omni-support right then. Immediately, I received an auto-response that my mail came in. After work, in the train back to my office, I received an answer from the tech staff, telling me that they are working on it. Then, the next morning at 6.30, I received an email from the tech staff: They were able to isolate the problem, it was an issue with the German set-up(!). Omni had fixed the problem and they allready shipped an 'emergency'-update, so I could download the update again from the app-store. Problem solved within 24hrs (time zone difference included!) and I was informed perfectly - and I never had to tell them that I'm on a Swiss-German iPad...

                               I don't expect the same support from a company like FileMaker (the TS' are making a great job) - but a little bit more transparency would be great!


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                                 I acknowledge at 100%.

                                 Bye, Fred

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                              Benjamin Fehr

                              FM Go 12.0.8: still not resolved.

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                                Benjamin Fehr

                                     FM Go 13: Not resolved yet.

                                • 13. Re: unnecessary Dialogbox when performing find
                                  Benjamin Fehr

                                  nicely solved with a discrete popover window which disappears after 2 seconds √

                                  many thanks to Dev. Dept.!