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Unsightly line-wrap in 12 (certain fonts only)

Question asked by Dillik on Apr 27, 2012
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Unsightly line-wrap in 12 (certain fonts only)


FileMaker Pro


FMP 12.0v1

Operating system version

OS X 10.6.8 (Does this happen on Windows?)

Description of the issue

When a field's contents won't fit in the space provided in table view (according to the default options for table view), the lines wrap such that you see a speck of the next line (this didn't happen in v11).  This happens with or without using new themes, but I'm only seeing it on a few fonts: Helvetica is a big problem, and Courier has it a bit.

My attached picture shows FM11 on the left and FM12 on the right.  (The sample data is a timestamp field that's too narrow for the time to display, but this problem affects any field type.)  The font is Helvetica 12, which is a default font in a few themes.  Note how high up in the row the text is resting.  Switch to another font to see how nicely it's supposed to be aligned.

Edit: I originally posted this as a problem with table view, but it also happens with other views.  Fields have a certain minimum height they like to enforce, and that height (for certain fonts) ends up showing parts of the next line because of how high those fonts are placed in the field.  At least with Form and List views, you can manually change the field height (but it's kind of a pain).


Choose one:

a) Modify the table row height to a smaller value than normal (though data looks really bunched-up).  (If outside of table view, you have to adjust each field individually, and that can be a pain because it won't let you use the mouse to resize the field smaller than it thinks it should be.)

b) Set line height to 1.1, which will hide the next row unless you have row lines turned off in table view's settings (in which case you'd need an even higher line height value).

c) Change to another font.  (And if the misbehaving font is the default for your selected theme, you'll have to change the font for every new field.)