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Unwanted Automatic Login

Question asked by vfoecke on Sep 17, 2010
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Unwanted Automatic Login


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

I have FileMaker Server on a Mac.
I have FileMaker Pro on 3 Mac clients and 3 PC clients.

My database security requires that a user (with an account) log in when the client is started.
This works as expected on all 3 PCs and 2 of the Macs.

On the remaining Mac, one particular user is automatically logged in when I start the application.
I have checked to be sure that in FileMaker > Preferences > General > User Name, I have selected "Other" and left the field blank.  This should ensure that I get a login dialog box at startup, but I don't.

(Similarly, in File > File Options > Open/Close, the "Log in using" box is NOT checked.)

Is there a file hidden somewhere that is remembering some old preferences?