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Update FMPRO 13

Question asked by johnp1 on Apr 8, 2015
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Update FMPRO 13


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 8.1

Description of the issue

I recently had problems pasting text into a text field in my FM Pro file.  The solution (admittedly short term) was not to update to version 13.0v5.  (I had problems trying to go from v3 straight to v5)

V4 has been working fine.  But today, I find another little glitch so I've decided to try to update to the latest version, which is v9.

Will I have the same problem as before, going from v4 to v9?  I can't afford ANY down time with this database, which serves as an archive and a calendar file for future activities.  I use it as an information archive which is essential to my daily routine..

Steps to reproduce the problem

I'm afraid to simply use the updater page (, because that took FMPro  down for a couple of days last time.


As I mentioned, I've been using v4 for several weeks with no apparent problems, but I want to address my current glitch (involving the "Open URL" script command), and I would prefer having the latest version, in case the updates have addressed the issue.  Open URL will no longer open a pdf file with a url using the "file:///" protocol)

(FYI: I am posting another glitch report on the current problem, and I will list v4.  I fully expect to get at least one response urging me to update. )