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Update Quantity and SubTotals in invoicing

Question asked by hbecerra on Jul 1, 2014
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Update Quantity and SubTotals in invoicing


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

MacOS & iOS

Description of the issue

I have an invoice solution that use 2 files (1 data + 1 interface)  the fact is that when data & interface are in the same file every time that I change a field in the items portal of the Invoice it refresh perfectly the calculated fields in the invoice file (#_items & subtotal). BUT when the data its in an external FM data source I have to click outside the fields (to force a commit) to see the fields in the Invoice file updated with the correct quantity and subtotal

Steps to reproduce the problem

ONE FILE, 3 tables; Invoice, Items, Customers,
Two calculated fields in INVOICE, items = count(items::ID_invoice) & Subtotal = sum(Items::Partial).
One layout based on Invoice table with a portal to items -> This Works perfect

When changing to a separation model (2 files) the same solution does not work

Expected result

The fields of the parent table (Invoice) to be uptaded as soon as we fly from one of the Items fields to another (Qty, Price, Discount etc) like in the "ALL IN ONE .fmp12 FILE" situation, like the behavior of your Invoice template.

Actual result

None of the fields on the parent table (Invoice) get updated automatically UNLESS you click outside the fields (to commit records)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

None, it simple does not update nor in MacOS nor in iOS


Triggers for everyone of the fields in the portal (not no elegant)