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    Updated To FileMaker Pro Advanced 11



      Updated To FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 & most of my DB was Deleted

      Description of the issue

      FileMaker Product(s) involved: FileMaker Pro Advanced 11Operating System(s) involved:Windows XP ProfessionalDetailed description of the issue:Updated to FMpro Advanced 11, a dialog box popped up for a Hotfix for XP, did the updates and it started scrolling text saying it was deleting, once it completed it asked me to restart computer.  When I restarted computer FMpro advance 11 started to install.I went to open my database and all of my current databases where deleted only ones that was left was older version of the database I created a month ago.  I do have a backup of my database on my home server but if I didn't back it up I would have lost months of work.

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          Steve Wright

          The hotfix which is installed with FMP 11 is a Windows Installer update ( I believe ) Vista & 7 do not require this hot fix, but windows XP usually does. This is required to install Filemaker Pro 11.


          Theres nothing special about the hotfix as far as I am aware, it may create a system recovery point but thats about all.


          None of your database files should have been touched during a filemaker install, certainly not deleted since the installer will have no reference to the file names, even an un-install would not remove them.


          For what its worth, I have installed / re-installed and updated a number clients machines to 11 with no issues.

          It sound to me like there is something more going on, rather than the install process, what that is I have no idea..


          P.S Im not saying this did not happen, just adding my experiences.







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            Thanks for your input, I was mainly posting this message for people who don't know this could happen..  And thanks I did not think to use the restore feature that saved me some down time since my backup files are at home.