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    Updater 10.3



      Updater 10.3

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      FMP 10.3 Updater - Windows  I am unable to get the updater to work on XP.   I followed the readme directions, which says you need to uninstall FM10, the reinstall FM10, then apply the FM10v3 updater. Everytime I do that the updater removes all the application Files.  I have reinstalled FM10, but not the updater. Not sure what the issue is.  The updater has been out for a while, so I am unclear what the issue might, other than it says to contact FileMaker if this does not work.  So there must be a known issue. Thanks Tim 

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          Thank you for your post.


          Yes, the installer removes the previous application and several unmodified file, and replaces it with a new application and files.


          A couple of other users had problems with installing the FileMaker Pro 10.3 updater, and those users were installing to a network driver rather than an internal drive.


          Also, one user had FileMaker Pro 10.0v1 on the internal D: drive and installed it to the C: drive, leaving some extra files on the D: drive.


          No other problems have been reported.


          Is FileMaker Pro 10.0v1/v2 installed on the local C: drive?


          It is possible that downloading the updater was damaged.  Have you tried downloading another updater from our web site?


          What occurs when you run the updater?


          Any additional information may be helpful in determining a possible cause.



          FileMaker, Inc.