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    Updater 11.0.3



      Updater 11.0.3 & 11.0.4 Can't Fine Valid FM 11 Copy


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

      Description of the issue

      Nightmare trying to update FMP v 11.0.2 (from DVD disc) to 11.0.3 and to 11.0.4.  Every time an error message appears "Can't find valid copy of FileMaker Pro 11." 
      Tried many many many fixes.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Attemp to install the updater

      Expected result

      should install OK

      Actual result

      Fails to install.  Can't find Valid FM Pro 11 copy error.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      Can't find valid copy of FileMaker Pro 11

      Configuration information

      MacPro tower 2.66 ID1.1, 6 GB RAM,


      After many many many different steps tried when attempting update from 11.0.2 to 11.0.3, turning off Spotlight indexing, restarting, then turning indexing back on resulted in allowing a successful update from 11.0.2 to 11.0.3. 
      Now, update from 11.0.3 to 11.0.4 fails in new user account, fails after disabling indexing in Terminal, fails after trying the 11.0.3 trial and modifying the Assisted Installer.txt file. 
      Still running ver. 11.0.3.

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          I have the same issue on 10.5.8 Server posted a similiar issue yesterday. Is anyone out there reading these posts? Hello?

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            I too am having the problem with upgrage Pro Advanced from 11.0v3 to v4.  I am running Lion 10.7.1 on a 2011 MBP.  I have followed the steps concerning the SpotLight settings.  Note, I did just get the MBP a month ago and started by migrating my software from my 5 year old MBP.  FileMaker does show my License Key when I look under info.

            I have been messign with this update for almost a week now, so any help/guidance would be much appreciated.

            Thanks in advance.



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              Same problem here running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 updating from 11v3 to 11v4.  Reboot didn't help.

              A FM rep responded in this thread ( http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/0ae1fa5408 ) about updating 11v2 to 11v3 and said the updater uses Spotlight to locate the files to update and they suggested rebuilding Spotlight indexes.  I searched for "FileMaker" in Spotlight myself and it wasn't listing my FM 11 directory, so I rebuilt indexes based on http://www.thexlab.com/faqs/stopspotlightindex.html by adding "My Macintosh" to the Privacy section, then removing it.  When I went to search in spotlight it said it was rebuilding indexes and when it said it was done, I still couldn't find my FM directory and the 11v4 update still failed.

              So I tried the second index rebuilding method, running sudo mdutil -E / from the command line.  Now I could find my FM directory using Spotlight but the 11v4 update still fails with the same error.

              I tried setting the "FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced" directory to Read & Write for Everyone and applying the permissions to enclosed folders.  Didn't help.

              So I just zipped the whole FM app directory, copied it to a Lion machine, unzipped, ran updater which worked, zipped the updated FM app, and put it back on Snow Leopard and it works.  Annoying.

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                     This is causd by Spotlight being disabled for the volume that FileMaker is installed on.  Disabling Spotlight is done to increase performance sometimes, especially on servers.

                     Go to the Spotlight System Pref and then to the Privacy tab and make sure that the volume that FileMaker is installed on is not listed.  If it is, remove it and then the updater will work.  After the updater runs, you can put the volume back into the Privacy tab if you like (until the next update).