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    updating files from filemaker pro 7



      updating files from filemaker pro 7


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      Have data base on windows FP7 disc crashed, but backed up trying to impo=rt into filemaker pro 11 on mac get error message the summarized fields data type must be number time or timestamped

      What do I do to import data

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          There are a lot of options you can select when setting up an import.

          Is this an import from one file into a file that is an identical copy?

          If so, you'll need to do this:

          1. Leave the file from which you are importing records closed. This ensures that all records in a given table will be imported. If the file is open, import records will import that table's found set and this may or may not be all the records. (If you do want to import just a subset of the records, do leave this file open and perform a find to pull up the set of records you want to import.)
          2. Select a layout in the target file for the table into which you want to import records.
          3. Select Import records from the File menu
          4. Find the file that will  serve as the source file for your import.
          5. Select the table in this file that holds the data you want to import. The souce and target table names should match in your Import Field Mapping dialog box.
          6. Select the "matching field names" option in the Arrange By drop down.
          7. Click Import.
          8. If a dialog pops up asking you if you want to enable auto enter options or split data from repeating fields into separate records, do not select thes options.
          9. Check the Next Serial Value setting for any fields that are defined to auto-enter a serial number. You may need to update them to be larger than the largest value in the data you've imported so that you don't get a duplicate value the next time you create a record in this table.
          10. Repeat for each table in your file as needed to import the data.