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Updating/Importing Records on an existing Database from another Database is not working properly

Question asked by HartleyRogers on Aug 15, 2014
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Updating/Importing Records on an existing Database from another Database is not working properly


FileMaker Pro


123.0v3 (04-17-2014)

Operating system version

Windows version 6.1; windows 7 Professional

Description of the issue

I have one Database with 443 records, all names with addresses, first name, last name, etc.  From here I took 178 records to invite to a party and in the process I updated some of their information such as mailing address, emails, etc. So I want to incoporate these changes into the first Database with 443 Rcords.  I perfomr the import feature, but when I click the last import command, the system imports the records but some of the original records from the Datatbase with 443 records have disappeared.  I click on All Records and still many records do not show up. But the strange thing is that I can still see that the Database has 443 Records.  Can't understand what is going on.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) I open the target Database with 443 records.
2) Click on File - Import - File
3) I pick the Source Database with 178 records and click Open
4) I match all fields: Title to Title, First Name to First Name, and so on.
5) I pick the option to "Update exisiting Records on Found Set." I also click on Add remaining Data as new records.
6) I click on Import.
7) I do not click anything on Import Options as I do not have serial numbers, etc.
8) I click on Import.  I get a message saying: "There are less records in the data source than in the target table.  Not all records were updated".  This is fine as we know the source Database has only 178 Records.  I click OK.
9) I get a message: Total Records were updated/added: 178; Ttoal Records skipped due to errors: 0; Total fields skipped due to errors: 0; Table created:

Actual result

So I get the new Database still with 443 Records, but can not see many of the original Records that were on the Master Database, before I imported all the updated Records.  There are nowhere to be found and many of the old records have also been duplicated.