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Upgrade FM adv 10.0v1 to 10.0v2 prevents editing

Question asked by JTChambers on Jun 11, 2009
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Upgrade FM adv 10.0v1 to 10.0v2 prevents editing

Description of the issue

I use FM Pro Advanced 10.0v2 on an XP Prof SP3 PC.I have three username/passwords setup on the PC for three groups to use (one at a time), all three users are administrators on the PC --- Using two of the logon's I can run Filemaker programs, edit them, modify scripts, run debugger, etc., without issue. --- Using the third logon, I can run programs and look at scripts BUT I cannot modify scripts or make any other changes. When I attempt to, Filemaker closes and exits. --- There is no security on the Filemaker programs and they are run using admin with blank password. This condition started when I upgraded from 10.0v1 to 10.0v2. Before that all three users were able to have full access to all the feature/functions. Any ideas where to start looking?