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    Upgrade to FileMaker Server 13



      Upgrade to FileMaker Server 13


      FileMaker Server


      FileMaker Server 12

      Operating system version

      Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation

      Description of the issue

      Client installed FileMaker Server 13.  Previously FileMaker Server 12 was installed.  There are PHP files  in the 'www.root' folder that work with the FileMaker Server for web form submissions.  Installing FileMaker Server 13 broke this functionality, so client re-installed FileMaker Server 12.  Now first half of PHP file loads, but on submission returns Internal Server Error.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Install FileMaker Server 12 and setup PHP files to communicate with FileMaker Server.
      Uninstall FileMaker Server 12, Install FileMaker Server 13, Uninstall FileMaker Server 13, Install FileMaker Server 12.

      Expected result

      Client expected FileMaker Server to work as before.

      Actual result

      FileMaker Server does not work as before ( in regards to PHP and the web server )

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.



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               I'm very disappointed that there are no warnings about upgrading to FileMaker Server 13.  Unwary customers who think that upgrading is the way to go to stay new and fresh are going to get a slap in the face, and their developers are going to curse.  Webdirect is NOT the new IWP as you have to pay to have more than 1 connection and you have to use https, which if you don't have a certificate installed will turn away 90% of the people who would connect to your database.  More warnings would have been prudent here, as I now have quite a mess on my hands, a client chomping at the bit to get their service back, and many other upset clients whose work I have had to push aside to figure out this mess.  FileMaker, please include some type of warning with your software especially when introducing such drastic changes to your software and service price points.  

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                 So as I am researching this problem, I'm gathering that installing FileMaker Server 13 changes how the OS web services work.

                 So by installing Server 13, am I to assume that the machine is now broken for a return to Server 12 in regards to the web services?

                 We've tried that and the web services are definitely now broken.  I'm recommending that my client return their server to a point before

                 Server 13 was installed and hopefully we can return to normal and provide the services that were previously working.

                 REALLY DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!

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                   Thank you for your posts.

                   First, what is the PHP code used that worked in FileMaker Server 12 but fails in FileMaker Server 13?  What exactly occurred when you tried to execute the PHP with FileMaker Server 13?  Was there an error message?

                   Moving back to FileMaker Server 12, make sure you completely remove the FileMaker Server 13 folder.  Reinstall IIS, and then install FileMaker Server 12.

                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     The PHP code employed fx.php which my research turned up an instance of someone else using it with Server 13 with no luck.

                     fx.php's debug mode is not throwing any errors, so I don't think that the PHP is even communicating with FileMaker Server as the

                     first error I get refers to a variable which should have been populated by the FileMaker query.  I did place the PHP files correctly

                     within the FileMaker folder, as they loaded, but they do not pass the form data onto FileMaker.  Normally I would wait 6 months before

                     attempting this but this client decided to install the new version ( undoubtedly prompted by FileMaker's slick sales and new features gambit )

                     without checking with anyone, hence my disappointment that FileMaker not include a warning about the fundamental changes in this

                     version and that you can't just upgrade and go from  version 12, especially if you are using IWP, PHP, etc.

                     I have recommended they reinstall IIs and FileMaker Server 12 and will post the results of this 'experiment'.



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                       fx.php has indeed been updated for FileMaker Server 13, but there is no documentation on the website or within the files to tell you that, I only figured that out by seeing the last modified date of the files and because someone had found a related post where Chris ( fx's builder ) mentions they had to rework some code.  In addition to that, the php.ini file needed some changes to get it to work with SSL.  

                       I'm still disappointed that FileMaker would not warn customers about such issues, but I don't think the IT world will be crying about he extra billable hours that will come out of this upgrade.

                       FileMaker Server users beware!!!!

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                         Thank you for the additional information.  I have sent a message to the manager of Documentation to make sure this gets covered more clearly in future releases.

                         FileMaker, Inc.

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                      Hi all


                      So I had a similar issue, and because I know Filemaker 13 and 14 creates their own web environment, even when you have your defaults in IIS for windows, I found that the bindings in IIS was clashing with another site setup in IIS, When I disabled, default site, or remove the port 80 assignment in the site setup, webdirect was working in http mode again. I am still figuring out the methods though, but I know, the the bindings in IIS plays a big role.