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upload to FileMaker Server 13 not possible. (connection error) - possible reason

Question asked by seevogel on Oct 8, 2014
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upload to FileMaker Server 13 not possible. (connection error) - possible reason


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

OS X Mavericks and others

Description of the issue

I I try to upload a database from FileMaker Pro to FileMaker Server I got a connection error.
so I am not able to upload any database.

3 days ago I deleted the MacBook Pro (running the FileMaker Server) completely.
(deleting Macintosh HD)

I made a fresh installation of Mavericks and the FileMaker Server 13 (current version).

After the reinstallation I was able to upload databases from FMP to FMS again.

I enabled the OS X Firewall for a short time.

After that I never was able to upload any database.
Even after disabling the firewall, upload was not possible.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Make fresh install of Mavericks and FileMaker Server.
activate the OS X FireWall.

(OS X asks if a service from the FMS should be allowed to open a specific port)
You should answer "yes" but it has no effect because that FMS service is not an app! (so it seems)

Even after deactivating the FireWall the service/port is blocked.

Expected result

Upload should be possible with activated and with deactivated FireWall and should not be blocked forever.

Actual result

No upload of databases possible (neither from other computer, nor on local host)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

"connection failed"