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    Upload to server and container calcs referring chart objects



      Upload to server and container calcs referring chart objects


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      Mac (Yosemete) and Windows (Windows 7 Pro and Server 2012)

      Description of the issue

      On some layouts, I have an field object, an unstored calculation (container).

      Calc =
      GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "chartObject" ; "content" )

      Chat Object is obviously a chart object, on the right hand side of the layout.
      (by the way, the only reason to do this is to prevent the user from accessing the chart object. So the best fix would be to make chart objects sensitive to behaviors (Browse/Find mode)

      OK, perfect, it's working well. On Mac and Windows.

      Now I close the file, and simply upload it to the server using the FileMaker Pro Upload command.

      Open the hosted file, and the size of the rendered chart within the calc field object is changed.

      So I have a correct file and an incorrect file, and the only thing that happened between is the file upload (and all other subsequent procedures: consistency check, file opening by FMS...)

      Other factors that might have an influence (but I didn't test) :
      - the calc field object is on a popover
      - the calc field object is made a button (perform script)

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          Thank you for your post.

          I am getting slightly different results.  The calculated chart renders a bit differently, and when the calculated chart is put into a Popover, then it renders identically to the original.  This occurs both locally and when hosted.  This is what I did:

          1. I created a Number field (Distance) and a Date field (Date).  I entered four records with the following information:
              Distance - Date
              10 - 2/21/2015
              20 - 2/22/2015
              30 - 2/23/2015
              40 - 2/24/2015

          2. On the layout, I created a line chart titled "D/T" with X-axis "Date" and Y-Axis "Distance".  Everything else left at default.

          3. In the Inspector, I named the chart "Chart".

          4. I sized the chart to 5.222 inches wide and 4.458 inches high.

          5. In Browse, The line chart shows the Distance values along the left axis from 0 to 50 in increments of 10.

          6. In Manage Database, I created a Calculation field "Calc", unstored, with the formula:
                    GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "Chart" ; "content" )

          7. In Layout Mode, I sized "Calc" to be the same dimensions as "Chart" (5.222 in width and 4.458 in height).

          8. In Browse Mode, "Calc" displays the chart, except the "Distance" Y-Axis goes from 0 to 45 in increments of 5.

          9. In Layout Mode, I created a Popover, sized it larger than "Calc", duplicated "Calc", and placed the duplicate in the Popover.

          10. Going back to Browse Mode, when I click on the Popover, the duplicated "Calc" shows the same information as the original Chart (0 to 50 increments of 10), and not the same as "Calc" outside the Popover (0 to 45 increments of 5).

          11. I uploaded the file to FileMaker Server 13, and accessed the file as a client.  I see the same results.  That is, the original Chart and Popover Calc show the exact same values, while "Calc" outside the Popover shows 0 to 45 with increments of 5.

          I am reporting this discrepancy to our Development and Testing departments for review.

          My results are slightly different than what you describe, so I would like to get a copy of your database file so I can test it here and also submit the results.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

          FileMaker, Inc.