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URGENT - Able to replicate filemaker go 13 crashing/exiting under iOS 7.1 - cannot develop app any...

Question asked by StefanSmith4873 on Mar 24, 2014
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URGENT - Able to replicate filemaker go 13 crashing/exiting under iOS 7.1 - cannot develop app any further


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 7.1

Description of the issue

I have an application going out to 2000 people but my development is absolutely halted at present due to this SERIOUS BUG in FileMaker Go. 

The application is quitting when running a particular series of scripts.  Under FM Pro it is not an issue.  These scripts contain nothing out of the ordinary AND I can stop the bug from occurring by introducing a series of SHOW CUSTOM dialog boxes!  This appears to slow down the application and when these custom boxes are introduced the app works fine EVERY TIME!    Removing these custom dialog boxes causes the app to crash on every single iPad we have tested -- the crash happens in less than 1 second.  Our solution uses multiple database files linked together.

The custom dialog box was found by order to see where the app was crashing out I added customer dialog boxes to show me messages so I knew how far into the scripts it had got. 

Eventually this causes the scripts to work fine EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Once enough of these were added, the app would NOT quit and complete the series of scripts. 

The boxes were removed....and hey presto....FileMaker Go crashes!

Steps to reproduce the problem

In our current development of our filmmaker go solution, simply running the script we have causes an iPad to crash every time.

I also have a version which does not crash...and all that version does is display custom dialog boxes.

Expected result


Actual result

FileMaker GO exits back to IOS HOME SCREEN

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information



There is none!  We cannot develop our app any further unless a new version of FileMaker Go is released.  URGENT HELP REQUIRED.