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Use System Formats

Question asked by baudewijnvermeire on Aug 28, 2013


Use System Formats


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

i have to import filemaker pro fp5 from another computer running mac os x
into mysql on filemaker pro 6 running on mac os x.
WHen loading the file in File maker pro , it says
The date and time formats associated with .... are different than the current
system settings. DO you wish to use the system settings for data entry? Yes / No

We checked and cannot find any.

I can answer No to the dialog and i can further use this fp5 . But the issue is the
file should be loaded from an applescript. How can i force the applescript
file open command to switch off the System Formats.

The osacript command now looks like this:
tell application "Filemaker Pro"
set filelocations ....
  open "HD1:......." with password "xxxx"
end tell

Can i specify here somehow the open command should not display the dialog box?

best regards
Vermeire Baudewijn
Esko nv.