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Use Systemformat does not work proberly

Question asked by patrick.risch on Jul 9, 2009
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Use Systemformat does not work proberly

Description of the issue

Hi this is an error which has been around since the first day of FileMaker and should be fixed asap. Please!For the following error I have made a test-file, which I gladly send to FileMaker so you can fix this. Error:It is not possible for developer to provide a solution to "cross-the-border-users". (eg. Germans, Swiss, Austrian, etc.) A number entered on one System will show up wrong on the other System (e.g 1'000.50 CHF Thousand Swissfrancs Fifty Cents)  Steps to reproduce:1. Create a file on a System with Swiss settings.2. Create a number field.3. Place it on a layout4. Format the number field to show only 2 decimal point5. Close the file and open on a system with German regional settings.6. Enter a number with a decimal point (e.g 1000.50) 6. The number will show up as hunderd-thousand and fifty instead of the orginal thousand decimal point fifty.) Unless the user knows that the file was created on a Swiss system and must enter a . instead of an ,. The use Systemformats does not work.Furthermore the number is formatted in a way a German does maybe not understand or rejects the solution because the it shows 1'000.50 instead of 1.000,50Additionaly dates entered on a Swiss German System do show as dd/mm/yyyy instead of when entered with FileMaker functions or calculations.  There a number work arounds, but they are ugly and useless. (Auto-enter with replace . with ,), calculation must round each number to 2 decimal points (but this requires to have a field for display and one for internal number (calculated to x decimal points). Please let me know if you require more information. I am also at the DevCon in case you need more detailed information. Cheers Patrick  I uploaded the testdatabase to our server: Systemformats