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User with accented character in User Name unable to login to site generated by PHP Site Assistant

Question asked by tmorosco on Jul 22, 2009
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User with accented character in User Name unable to login to site generated by PHP Site Assistant

Description of the issue

Hello all, I have a PHP web/iPhone interface to a table that works great for all users except one user who has an accented é diacritic in his login name.This user can log into FileMaker app directly without a problem, but the PHP site (set up more or less out of the box) seems to rejects his credentials (error 22).  The site is running via FileMaker Server 10 Advanced on a Windows 2003 server with IIS 6. The PHP script itself is correctly receiving the login data, because when I echo back the variables $userName and $passWord by adding a line to the error message, they are exactly as entered inclduing the é.I checked the forums and knowledge base for other's problems with diacritics.I have double checked the home.php script, and it does contain the line in the html header that should encode data properly:      I can also verify that the browsers that are used to access the site are using utf-8 character encoding, and that the FileMaker Server Admin Console > Web Publishing > PHP > Default Character Encoding is set to UTF-8.So I believe the problem must be the internal handoff of data between the PHP code and FileMaker. I had read about setting the IIS 6 character encoding, but when I attempt to follow these instructions, there is no "File types..." option in the dialog box, only "Content expiration", "Custom HTTP headers...", "Content Rating", and "Mime Types..." I can report that if I add the following line of code to the FileMaker-generated PHP code:    $userName = utf8_decode($userName);after the line     $userName = $cgi->get('userName');in all scripts, then authentication is successful, and the user with accented login name can use the PHP interface as other users can. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this or things to tweak? Since we are in active development, being able to re-generate the PHP interface with the assistant without a lot of hand coding is crucial.Or can anyone report that they are using PHP to successfully authenticate users with accented characters?Many Thanks,Tony