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users can not see plug in

Question asked by JeffGlenn on Oct 16, 2010


users can not see plug in


FileMaker Pro


8.5 for pc

Operating system version

Windows Professonal XP --service pack 3

Description of the issue

I installed a plug-in as administrator on different pcs at work and on some pcs, regular users see plugin and on some pcs users do not see plugin. I retraced my steps and sme thing happens. Below are my steps:
The plugin was placed into the extensions folder for filemaker. After it was placed in this folder, I launched filemaker. Went to Edit/preferences... Under the plug-in tab selected SMTPit Pro, then configured it. On the bottom left went to a button that says registration. Entered info:
First Name: xxxx
Last Name:  XXXX
License Key:  put it in and told me I was registered
...thanks for any advice.