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    users can not see plug in



      users can not see plug in


      FileMaker Pro


      8.5 for pc

      Operating system version

      Windows Professonal XP --service pack 3

      Description of the issue

      I installed a plug-in as administrator on different pcs at work and on some pcs, regular users see plugin and on some pcs users do not see plugin. I retraced my steps and sme thing happens. Below are my steps:
      The plugin was placed into the extensions folder for filemaker. After it was placed in this folder, I launched filemaker. Went to Edit/preferences... Under the plug-in tab selected SMTPit Pro, then configured it. On the bottom left went to a button that says registration. Entered info:
      First Name: xxxx
      Last Name:  XXXX
      License Key:  put it in and told me I was registered
      ...thanks for any advice.