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Using 'hide object' clauses in a portal row causes button in the 'Create new record' row to not...

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jun 23, 2015
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Using 'hide object' clauses in a portal row causes button in the 'Create new record' row to not function if focus is in a field of the portal


FileMaker Pro


Advance, 14.01

Operating system version

OS X 10.9.5

Description of the issue

If a relationship has 'allow creation of records' enabled, and a portal is created using that relationship (thus showing the extra line at the bottom of the portal), a button placed in the portal row of that 'new record' row won't function if the cursor/focus is inside a field of another portal row AND that field also has 'hide object' calculations defined.  (This happens in 13, too, BTW.)

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create two tables (A on left, B on right); create a relation between them, enabling 'create related records' option for Table B.  Create a layout based on A; add a portal to table B.  Put a field or two on the portal row; add a button on the portal row.  Create some related records in the portal however you like; put the cursor into a field that has a 'hide object' calculation in the portal in one of the related records; click the button on the last 'add new record' row - it doesn't fire.  The focus will change, but the button doesn't work and no new record is created.

Expected result

The script attached to the button would fire.

Actual result

Nothing happens except that the focus changes.  This button in live-record rows fires just fine (even if clicking a button that's in a row that isn't the current focus), it is only the button in the 'add new record' row that doesn't fire the first time, and only if the field that currently has focus also has a 'hide object' calculation.


Click the button a second time.  Clicking into a regular field in the 'add new record' row and typing information does correctly create a record.