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Using Open URL to open file folder is 'date sensitive'

Question asked by KennyKoerperich on May 14, 2012


Using Open URL to open file folder is 'date sensitive'


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker Pro Advanced V11

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

You can create a script that uses the Open URL script step to open the file folder. When the file path changes and updates to the Open URL path are made, only files created from current time forward are displayed. All files previously created will not be found. It should be noted that calculations are used to formulate the file path.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Use Open URL to open file folder.
Path is formulated using calculations.
Open URL works as defined.

Rename folders within the path.
Update the Open URL path calculations to reflect new folder name.

Expected result

File folder should open based on path formulated using calculations.

Actual result

New folders from current date forward will open.

Previously existing (prior to current date) will not be found.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages

Configuration information



I have tried rebuilding the Open URL statement, calculations, and every part of the process with no success. No workaround found as yet.