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    using repeating variables



      using repeating variables


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      I am trying to use repeating variables in order to be able to use a loop in a script and automate the calculation by assigning a value to each repetition using a counter as a 'subscript'. I cannot find any where enough documentation on the syntax.
      Specifically I want to use a variable of 100 elements to collect information from different records and I should move to each consequetive record, use the getfield function to store the value in the next element of the repeating variable.
      Any hint will be appreciated.

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          Report an Issue is intended for reporting problems (possible bugs) with filemaker software. Feel free to continue to post back here for help with your question, but next time, you would likely get a quicker response if you posted this in the Filemaker Pro Forum (see tab at top of your screen) instead of Report an Issue.

          Please post your script so that we can see what you have at this point and exactly where you are having trouble.

          You can assign a value to a repetition of a variable with Set Variable [$VariableName[$I] ; value: //your expression goes here] Where $I is another variable where you set the index in your loop. (there's a specific box in the Set Variable dialog for specifying the repetition.)

          You can refer to the contents a specific repetition in a calculated expression by using the GetRepetition funciton: GetRepetition ( $VariableName ; $I )

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            Thank you. I have been missing his 'getrepitition' I was trying to use $variable[$i]