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Using Tab To Select From 2 Field Related Table Dropdown list doesn't work

Question asked by smoothie on May 15, 2012
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Using Tab To Select From 2 Field Related Table Dropdown list doesn't work


FileMaker Pro


11.03 Advanced

Operating system version

Windows 7 64 bit Professional

Description of the issue

I have dropdown lists populated with the UID and Field name from a related table.  When the user types ahead and gets to the desired record being hi-lighted and tabs out of the field to select and move to the next field, the selected value doesn't change.

I have attempted to use the OnLayoutKeystroke trigger on the field with Get(TriggerKeystroke) in the script on this trigger to force the commit and move to the next field, but this doesn't work either.

Steps to reproduce the problem

As above; Add a dropdown list to a form populated from a list defined as a UID field and Text Field with the text field set as the only field to show.  When you enter the field the dropdown shows, you type ahead and get to the desired item, then tab out of the field and the selected item doesn't change. 

Using the suggested OnLayoutKeystroke trigger to fire the following script doesn't work either:

Script Name: Tab Out of Field

If [Code(Get(TriggerKeystroke)=9)]
    Commit Records/Requests[]
    Go to Next Field
End if

This fires, but the value has already reverted to the previous value, so it changes nothing.

Expected result

Selected value should be committed and focus should move to the next field in the tab sequence.

Actual result

Previous value remains the same.  When using the Tab Out of Field   script on the OnLayoutKeystroke trigger, the dropdown for the current field you thought you were leaving is re-selected selecting the old value from the list rather than moving to the next field.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

From testing, I see that keystrokes entered when doing a type ahead don't fire the OnLayoutKeystroke method (nor the OnObjectModify method), so the actual value doesn't change with the selection by the user.


None other than instructing users to reprogram their DNA to not use the tab key to move from a selected value to the next field.  Pressing Enter works, or selecting with the mouse, but using the tab key is the standard method and if memory serves me is a requirement for calling an application Windows compliant!