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Using the mouse to move a field in  layout mode creates a copy of the field, does not move it.

Question asked by thomasgardner on Jun 21, 2011
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Using the mouse to move a field in  layout mode creates a copy of the field, does not move it.


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

When I move a field in  layout mode, it copies it. I cannot drag, resize or edit the fields using my mouse.
It began a few months ago with Filemaker 8.5,(also, the databases all starting asking for a password that I had not set. partially resolved by looking at the online problems and seeing that a username of Admin and blank password works).

However the new inability to move or resize a field in Layout without copying it drove me nuts, and I bought Filemaker 11 in the hope that all would be sorted out. It has not solved the problem.

If I reboot the computer the problem seems to go away for a while, but then comes back.

There do not seem to be any filemaker pro11 preferences, so I cant trash them. (Are there any?)

System is : Powerbook pro,  Mac OS is 10.6.6 and Filemaker is 11.0v3 

Has anyone found an answer yet? A solution to this problem would be wonderful, as rebooting the computer for each change to a layout is no fun,

Steps to reproduce the problem

Go to layout mode, attempt to move a field using the normal mouse procedure (ie dragging it).

Expected result

The field would have been moved to the new position.

Actual result

The 'specify field' dialogue box pops up, with the field being moved highlighted as the current choice.

If the item being moved was just text (ie not a field) then a copy is made.


Rebooting the computer solves the problem briefly, but it returns within hours.
This is the only application with this problem.