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    V11.0.2 Bug??



      V11.0.2 Bug??


      FileMaker Pro



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      OS X 10.6.4

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      I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced V11. On Thursday I installed Filemaker's latest update to V11.0.2. Yesterday, after 2 days of work modifying and updating a database I quit Filemaker. Much to my great dismay, when I restarted Filemaker and opened my database, NONE of the changes I had made since installing the 11.0.2 update were in the database. When I checked all the Time Machine backups of this database, NONE of them contained any changes as well. In fact, they all showed that the database had last been modified prior to the time I updated Filemaker. Apparently, Filemaker 11.0.2 (at least the Pro Advanced version I am using) is NOT writing changes to disk. I have lost 2 days of work due to this bug, and have still not finished recreating my lost work. I have had this occur twice now, verifying that it is a 11.0.2 problem. I have switched back to 11.0.1, and this version behaves normally, saving any changes I make to the database disk file. I have not followed up further on this problem. I recommend, however, that before you quit FIlemaker 11.0.2, or before you close a database from within this version of Filemaker, that you save a copy of your database from within Filemaker. This MAY save any changes you have made, though I have not tested this workaround. If you are using 11.0.2, I also recommend that you that immediately see whether the problem I have encountered is also present in your configuration, so as to avoid possible loss of data in the future.

      Update: I have since gone back and searched my other hard drives. I have found a database with the changes I made. It was, however, in a completely unexpected location, one I had not accessed in any prior version of Filemaker. How this file was opened instead of the one I was using in 11.0.1 is a puzzle to me. (I suspect there is some file system behavior, or something in the way Filemaker interacts with the file system that I am unaware of.)

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          I really hope it's just an installation problem otherwise we can no longer trust in FMI.

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            Steve Wright

            I have not done a lot of development on OSX the last few days, but have using Windows and have not come across any issues.

            Can you be a little more specific on what changes you had made, i.e

            Structure, Layouts, data etc.

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              I downloaded the 11.0.2 update and installed (using the installer). I've made no other changes that I am aware of to my system. As for changes to the database, I added scripting, new layouts, layout changes, new variables, and new data, and also modified the database structure. All these changes were working fine before I quit Filemaker 11.0.2. After I quite and restarted, all of this information was lost. The database disk file last modification date was from before I installed the update. That is, none of the changes I made to the database in 11.0.2 were reflected in the file on disk. I have switched back to 11.0.1, and made similar changes to the database. All of these appear fine. I can quit and reopen Filemaker without losing any changes. This problem is definitely 11.0.2 related.

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                Steve Wright

                Thanks Paul,   I will keep an eye on it to see if I experience the same behaviour in OSX 10.6.4

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                  unfortunately i experienced the same issue in 10v1 .. til 10v3 on snow leopard and leo - on powerpc and intel i7 and C2D ..

                  my workaround is to develop in little steps and always save a compressed copy and continue to work on the compressed copy ..

                  in your case - did you try a compressed copy and redo your changes - did they stick?

                  good luck


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                    I haven't touched 11.0.2 since I found the bug. 11.0.1 works fine for me, which is what I'm now using. In the future I'll be far more careful with any FM updates. It seems incredible to me that FM would ship this kind of serious bug. I'll be far more wary in the future.

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                      This has been a problem since the early days with FM II, that is, since before FM PRO ever hit the market.

                      FM has always had the tendency to mungle up internal filepaths, especially when opening files using opener scripts. Doing so used to occasionally cause some other file that had the same name to open up instead of the file one had chosen.

                      As Ulrich already pointed out, one way around this is to compress all copies of a file you are working on and only have one uncompressed copy at any given time. In addition to this, Filemaker seems to see it as their privilege to leave out the "Command click window name" option that allows us to see the path of the file we are working on.

                      How they came to the "ingenious" conclusion to skip this, however elopes me completely.


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                        This is good to know. I hadn't run across this problem before, at least not to my knowledge. What I did to handle this situation and keep it from recurring is to extract the full pathname of the database file (as opposed to just the filename), and set the main window title to that path. That way anytime I open this database, I will have an easy way to determine whether FM is working on the correct file.