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v13 FMServer dropping connections (error 51)

Question asked by BillGeraci on Aug 11, 2014
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v13 FMServer dropping connections (error 51)


FileMaker Server


13.0.1 (client v13.0v3)

Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.9.4

Description of the issue

I have a not very strenuously used FMServer which feeds 8 or 9 DB files to 5 users of which only 2 DBs are commonly used by two staff. When either of us log into these files (FMPro Server authentication only) we get dumped off ("disconnected") at some indeterminate time (this works out to perhaps 6-8 times in an 9 hr workday). The log says: "Client "[login user machine, IP address]" no long responding; connection closed. (51)" This is a pretty recent development; I don't recall any particular thing I changed when this started.... The server is a "Macmini5,1" dedicated to serving FM only. I searched the knowledge db and forum and found nothing similar to this.

Steps to reproduce the problem

correctly log into one of our files. Wait awhile (20 min to 2 hrs) and get dumped! (all these devices are within one subnet.)

Expected result

Being connected continually.

Actual result

Getting dumped!

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Partial list of date / time / notes on being dropped:

20140804, 09:20, Mon: Started list after 2 failures over days. Specific failures:

20140804, 09:20, Mon: Equip DB. Re-established without troubles.

by: 20140804, 12:04, Mon:

20140806, 09:23, Wed: I clicked on it, got wheel and then was dropped. Trying to re-establish took 25 seconds before password dialog box appeared. Then OK. 

20140806, 09:50, Wed: Just dumped me again. was in background.

20140806, 13:09, Wed: Just dumped me again. was in background.

20140806, 14:09, Wed: Just dumped me again. was in background.

20140807, 08:17, Thu: Discovered on return to office.

20140807, 15:43, Thu: I clicked in title bar to move after changing what monitors were connected and got disconnect error.

20140811, 10:32, Mon: I restarted the server and started running diagnostics. I had been logged in. It crashed me.

Configuration information

See above.