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    v14 System Highlight Color in Script Workspace

    Michael Westendorf


      v14 System Highlight Color in Script Workspace


      FileMaker Pro


      Advanced v14.0.1

      Operating system version

      OS X 10.10.3

      Description of the issue

      The Script workspace does not respect changing the system highlight color. The Scripts portion always shows a dark blue, the script itself always shows a light blue (very hard to see), and the steps portion behaves as expected.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      1) In OS X-->System Preferences-->General
      2) Change your highlight color, me I prefer orange.
      3) Open any file in FM Pro
      4) Open script workspace
      5) Click on a row within the script itself or the name of a script

      If you click on a script step it will highlight as expected.

      Expected result

      The item should be highlighted in the color set in the Mac OS X preferences.

      Actual result

      Script name is dark blue and script row is a light blue.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


      Configuration information