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Validate only if modified unticked

Question asked by andyw88 on Jul 8, 2015
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Validate only if modified unticked


FileMaker Pro


14 32bit

Operating system version

Windows 8.1

Description of the issue

Validate only if field has been modified tick box becomes unticked if you change the auto-enter calculation on the field

Steps to reproduce the problem

New Database
2 text fields
set field 1 to auto-enter calculated value TextFormatRemove(Self)
set field 1 validated by calculation value 0 (zero-always fail), make sure validate only if modified is ticked
Browse mode
New record
put value in field 2 and commit
--you may get error here
Manage database, change field 1 auto-enter by adding a space after calculation, don't touch validation, OK
put value in field 2 and commit
--validation error from field 1 (box unticked!)
you can repeat this by ticking the validate only.. box; saving; checking (ok); modifying ae calc again; testing (fail)

Expected result

see above

Actual result

see above