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Value list bug: selection modifies second field from value list

Question asked by LoveShack on Sep 10, 2009
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Value list bug: selection modifies second field from value list

Description of the issue

I'm hoping someone has run into this before (and has a fix), because this bug has been plaguing me for over a week. I have a table called Hierarchy with fields called HierarchyID and HierarchyName. I then have a value list called Hierarchy based on those two fields, with the ID as the first and Name as the second field.I have another table called HierarchyMap with a field called ParentID that is related to the HierarchyID from the first table. The ParentID has validation settings (a) Member of value list: Hierarchy and (b) Not empty. In the layout, I have a field which is displayed as a pop-up menu with Display values from: Hierarchy, which is the same value list as I referenced in the field definition. Under display data from, I've selected Hierarchy::HierarchyName. So far so good. When I am entering data, I select a HierarchyName from in my pop-up menu. Instead of displaying the name, it displays an integer 1, 2, or 3. Then if I look at the Hierarchy table, the entry has been re-named to that same integer. I use similar value lists in other places without any problems, but referencing the Hierarchy table/value list always seems to pose this problem. help!!!