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    Value List Limiting Entry by Keystroke



      Value List Limiting Entry by Keystroke


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      We have 4 Mac's connected to a Mac Mini Serving Filemaker 11. All of them have the same issue.

      We have a value list in our sales invoice to select the product sold. It references items in another layout called Customer Products Ordered. This allows us to set up individual pricing for each product by customer.

      When we upgraded to 11 it quit allowing us to easily enter the product in the list by simply typing the item number, we have to manually scroll down the list with our mouse. That is unless it is within the first 100-300 items of that list, not by creation but by alphabetical order. No rhyme or reason to when it will stop sometimes it will let you get to an item that starts with an A that is the 250th item and sometimes you can't get to an A if it's the 180th item. Many of our customers have 1,000+ items and you can never get past around the 250th item. If a customer only has around 200 items you can enter all by keystroke.

      If you start by typing the 100th item, lets say it starts with a "9". Then wait, type in the 200th item that starts with an "A" and repeat that you can make it all the way through the list.

      None of our other value lists have this problem and many have more than 1,000 items.

      Hopefully I made this clear without being too wordy.