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Value Lists based on Related Values fail in FMP12

Question asked by on Oct 30, 2012
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Value Lists based on Related Values fail in FMP12


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Description of the issue

When a value list is set up to show only related values - see screenshot - it works correctly for the first record. When you go to a different record and click the value list, it shows values that were correct for the first record, but not the current one. All subsequent records have this behaviour, until you go back to Define Value Lists and edit the value list and then click OK.

It works correctly for the first record, then fails once another record is selected.

This value list was working correctly in FMP11 and previous incarnations.

As a matter of interest, FileMaker has always displayed when related values are selected - as long as I can remember (but they used to work). Another interesting bug is that if you select one of the other relationships, it is subsequently no longer possible to select the main relationship (the relationship shown below). There's been something wrong here for a long time!

Have tried adding script triggers to refresh the record before going into the list, but the only thing that refreshes the value list is going into it in Define Value Lists.

May be that it is failing because we have a large number of records in the system, but it has always worked correctly before.

Can FMI please have a look at this?