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Vanishing Objects on Layout FMP12

Question asked by jcooper on Jun 18, 2012
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Vanishing Objects on Layout FMP12


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS 10.6

Description of the issue

I have a Listview layout. The header and footer each have a couple global fields and some buttons. While in browse mode, from that layout, I navigate to another Form view layout.  When I go back to the original listview layout, three of my footer buttons are gone.  If I enter Find or Preview mode, they return.

Once I change modes, or go to and return from different listview layout, they reappear.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Navigate away from listview layout to a form view layout, then back again.

Expected result

The file is converted from .fp7 but I removed/remade all styles using the new layout tools.

The offending objects are not hidden behind something.

No custom formatting on them.

I do have a couple script triggers on the layout (onLayoutEnter and onRecordLoad) but disabling them had no affect on this.

Actual result

This problem occurs  in both PRO and GO.

If I move them to the body or the header, they do not vanish.
If I move them to a different part of the footer, they vanish.
If I duplicate the layout, it has the same effect (they vanish).
If I make a new layout from scatch and copy all items to it, they vanish.
If I create a new button from scratch and copy the style from an old one that vanished, it vanishes.
The only thing that makes it not vanish in this case, is anchoring it to the right of the layout.


Add Enter Find Mode, Enter Browse Mode in scripts navigating back to original layout. Note that in a layout with a small footer (60pt high) this is enough. For a similar layout with a larger footer (256pt) a refresh command must be issued between the two mode changes for the screen to update correctly.