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Variable not holding data

Question asked by clmiller24 on Jan 8, 2014
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Variable not holding data


FileMaker Pro


Pro 13 Adv

Operating system version


Description of the issue

In one of my scripts, I have it to only enter a spot of the script when it states:

Get ( FoundCount )  >  $$EntryMax

I have the window open, data viewer and I am in script debugger.  Earlier in the script it bases the field contents to the variable.  It hit the if statement above, and it still is entering the script.

Funny thing.  At the end of the script, I wanted to see what data was in the variable.  inserted a a set variable line and inserted nothing into the $$EntryMax and when script is done running , the variable should be gone out of data viewer, but it actually show up with the number 3 in it.   

It seemed to work okay for a day, than it stopped working.  When back to an old build of the file, worked fine for a while, than it stopped working.

Image attached to show you the found count, the variable and the debug line in the script.

Expected result

Not enter the script

Actual result

enters the script


None yet.