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Variables in finds fail when they have no content

Question asked by Crispin on Jul 13, 2010
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Variables in finds fail when they have no content


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Description of the issue

Even with 11.02 if a variable is used in a find and the variable is empty FMP searches on the variable name rather than inserting nothing. With a result the find generally finds nothing. You can of course add a space but this is quirky and the sort of 'local knowledge' I thought I'd said goodbye to when I stopped using FMP6.

We can program around it but I do hope this is sorted in the next bug release.

I have attached a very simple demo.


Steps to reproduce the problem

create a script step with a stored find using a variable. This will find nothing. It should find all. Better still download the example I have posted in techtalk under the title 'Variables in finds (what 11.02 did not fix)'

Expected result

in the example the result should have found all records but instead the script finds nothing and stops showing the field as containing $Temp


Check for nothing and substitute a space before using the variable if empty.