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Very bad logic in Script Workspace

Question asked by scottworld on May 27, 2015
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Very bad logic in Script Workspace


FileMaker Pro



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OS X 10.10.3

Description of the issue

There is extremely bad logic in FileMaker 14's new Script Workspace. FileMaker 14 gives us the ability to "hide the scripts menu management" area of the workspace, which HIDES the script menu checkboxes from our view. Okay, that's fine, but the major problem here is that there is not a single FileMaker developer on the entire planet who can ever take advantage of HIDING that area! WHY? Because FileMaker 14 has decided to make those checkboxes CHECKED BY DEFAULT. And all FileMaker developers need those checkboxes to be UNCHECKED BY DEFAULT. So therefore, every developer on the planet is forced to SHOW the scripts menu management area, because we constantly need to UNCHECK those checkboxes for every single script that we create. So, if you're going to give us the ability to HIDE that area, then we need the checkboxes to be UNCHECKED by default. The current logic, as it stands now, makes literally zero sense. It's almost as if the people who programmed this haven't used FileMaker Pro before.